Solutions for HealthCare

VideoLink provides reliable communication solutions for Healthcare providers. 

Do you need to connect remote clinics?  We have a range of customized healthcare solutions from Polycom, Cisco, LifeSize, Rubbermaid, and AMD to meet your specialized needs.  We have installed hundreds of videoconferencing solutions for regional and national healthcare providers.  

Manufacturing and Construction

Our customers use videoconferencing daily to manage their manufacturing supply chain and monitor job sites.  For example, one of our customers is a Colorado based ski industry component manufacturer.  They use videoconferencing to make daily adjustments to product lines manufactured overseas.    Another customer uses videoconferencing with mobile cameras to provide real time site visits for executives a thousand miles away.

Finance and Banking

The people who keep your money require reliability to match their commitment to protecting your assets.  Our banking customers appreciate our industry standards and high security options.  The best banks have multiple locations to serve their customers.  We help them outfit each branch with high quality videoconferencing solutions that work every time.

First Responders

VideoLink is proud to work with the folks that protect our families in emergencies.  Our solutions are used by Fire Station training departments to provide timely and accessable training, both in person and through recorded sessions that can be accessed in down time. 

US Federal Government

VideoLink works with multiple agencies to implement high quality videoconferencing solutions.  Our customers in DOD, the US Courts, and the Department of Interior use our videoconferencing solutions daily to increase productivity and decrease travel.  We hold a GSA schedule and are listed as authorized resellers on three other Manufacturer GSA Schedules.  Our partnership with a SEWP vendor ensure that your purchases are competitive and easy.

Gsa Schedule Vendor

VideoLink holds GSA Schedule GS-35F-0512U.  VideoLink is listed as an approved reseller on the Cisco GSA Schedule GS-35F-0859N and Synnex GSA Schedule GS-35F-0143R.

Please call 877-900-9926 for a GSA quote today.