Bring Your Meeting to Life

Bring Your Meeting to Life

Why you and your business need the all new Lifesize Icon 450

With the year 2018 just around the corner, businesses are working with remote partners all across the country. Technology has allowed us to meet with our colleagues face-to-face, even when thousands of miles apart through today’s video conferencing tools. The problem is, not all of these tools are created equal and depending on your setup, not all will fit your needs.

Introducing the Lifesize® Icon 450™. If you are working in small meeting spaces or huddle rooms, this is the perfect tool to connect you to your partners near and far. Not only is the Icon 450 compact to eliminate bulky hardware taking up too much space, but it is also equipped with a smart-frame sensor that automatically pans, tilts and zooms the camera to optimal position. The sensor will adjust and center the frame based on how many people are in the room.

So, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use solution for maximizing your meetings next year, look no further. This 82-degree wide-angle lens will bring your whole team into the picture and make your meetings more integrated and productive. This compact solution has been a game-changer for businesses large and small all across the country. Will yours be next? 

Dec 29th 2017

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