Capture more with Kaptivo

Capture more with Kaptivo

Integrate your whiteboard into every meeting everywhere with this seamless technology. 

Every conference room seems to have one constant, the ever-reliable white board. The only problem with this handy tool, is that in the world of remote working, the white board gets ignored because how are you supposed to share notes in different locations? Luckily, there’s now a solution for sharing everything that happens in the meeting room…Kaptivo!

Kaptivo is a unique cloud-connected camera that transforms any standard dry-erase whiteboard into an online collaboration tool for sharing and video conferencing. This must-have technology easily integrates with any whiteboard and any screen share-enabled video conference system. Not only can you share your whiteboard notes, but also record and save them.

Kaptivo is not only easy to install, but it’s also completely effortless to use. Make your time at work more efficient and take your meetings to a whole new level. Upgrade your meetings and fully become interactive today with Kaptivo! 

Jan 10th 2018

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