​Making the Most of Your Distributed Team

​Making the Most of Your Distributed Team

More and more companies are thinking outside of their regional limitations and starting to tap into talent worldwide with the help of today’s technology. These newly formed Distributed Teams are an innovative way to accomplish more with maximum flexibility and efficiency. These new teams work because of the tools available to today’s business.

Communication is key to any business, but when you’re in different locations, or even time zones, you need to be accessing the best of today’s choices. Email becomes the default for many companies to get through the day-to-day communication needs, but many companies are taking it to the next level by incorporating videoconferencing. These companies have seen how time consuming emails can be when in large quantities, especially when a 1 minute call can accomplish what would have otherwise taken 20 minutes of emailing.

Depending on the size and needs of your particular business, there is the perfect setup for your team. Brands like Lifesize, Blue Jeans, Zoom Room, and Owl Labs are creating custom set ups for businesses to conduct their business the most efficient way possible. If you’re taking advantage of the newest way to build a team, don’t stop short on communication. Take advantage of everything technology has to offer. Contact us to see how we can maximize your distributed team today!

Mar 1st 2018

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