​No Need to Huddle in Your Huddle Room

​No Need to Huddle in Your Huddle Room

We’ve all been there, squeezed together behind one screen to all get in on the meeting. Someone trying to peak through the back, standing on tippy toes, another person hunched in front of everyone bent at the waist. Luckily, technology is allowing us all a little elbow room these days. One of our favorite choices for you huddle room solution is the Lifesize Icon 450.

The small layout of the huddle room makes them arguably the most efficient and productive rooms in the office. The technology in these rooms should aid in this productivity and allow for quick, seamless communication. The smart framing sensor of the Lifesize Icon 450 automatically adjusts the camera to ensure your entire team is visible on the call without needing to get out of their chairs. The sensor will automatically sense all attendees in the room to include them in the 82-degree horizontal wide-angle lens.

This HD camera system is sleek and compact and fits on any counter top space you may have available. With the Lifesize Icon 450 your team will feel like they are all in the same room with crystal clear visual and audio capabilities. Erase the distance with this easy-to-use technology. Contact us today to bring this incredible communications tool to your office. 

Mar 16th 2018

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