We Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions About Videoconferencing

We Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions About Videoconferencing

We come across questions from clients and prospects all the time and thought we’d share some of the most popular questions.

Q. Can I bring more than one person into a call at the same time?

Yes! A huge bonus of videoconferencing is the ease of bringing multiple locations into one call. Depending on the solution you choose, you can have up to 50 participants on a call at once and 14 separate sites on screen. Non-visible participants will jump onto the screen when they speak. With features like these, you can easily bring in as many or as little attendees to your calls as you’d like.

Q. Can I video call people outside of my organization?

Yes, depending on the technology you choose, you can invite guests to your calls. For example, every Lifesize Cloud user can send unlimited guest invites through Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar. Features like this allow you to call anyone, anywhere, regardless if they have the same set up as you.

Q. How is international calling handled?

A huge bonus with videoconferencing is that the only real challenge with calling international is keeping in mind the time zone. Since all videoconference calls are connected via the internet, those expensive long distance conference calls can be a thing on the past.

Q. Which setup is best for me?

Although there are many great products and solutions that we offer, there’s not one solution that is best across the board. Our team works with you to best understand which features and benefits matter most to you and your team. We work to create custom setups for each client to perfectly suite their needs.

We hope these answer some of the questions you have been having, but if not, our professional team is happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about integrating and using videoconferencing. We understand no two businesses are alike. Let our team create the perfect setup for you. Contact us today with any and all questions!

Apr 12th 2018

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