​Who is Using Videoconferencing?

​Who is Using Videoconferencing?

As technology increases, business seems to grow along with it, adapting these technologies into their everyday working environment to maximize efficiency and corporate spending. Thanks to our friends at Lifesize and some of their recent research, we were able to analyze and see exactly who is using this technology every day. Does this sound like you?

The average teleworker can be found in every office across the US. They are on average around 45 years of age and an almost even split of men to women with 52% female and 48% male. On average these workers have a college education and earn almost $40,000 more per year than non-teleworkers.

The real numbers come in to effect when you look at job satisfaction for teleworkers. An astounding 98% are happier working from home and 96% would recommend it. 80% of working people consider teleworking a job perk and 66% have admitted they would be more productive working from their home.

Is your company considering allowing teleworkers or having remote teams? Look at these numbers! The average teleworker saves a standard business an average of $11,000 per year per person and these telecommuters gain back approximately 11 days of year from increased productivity. Overall the industry saves businesses over $400 billion a year. Are you taking advantage of these savings?

If your business is considering adapting today’s best technology and improving your bottom line, contact us today. We work with each client to find the best solution for their unique team. Don’t hesitate, start saving and increasing your employee satisfaction today!

Apr 20th 2018

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