​Why You and Your Business Need to Embrace Videoconferencing

​Why You and Your Business Need to Embrace Videoconferencing

We all know the old saying, communication is key, and in today’s busy world, that couldn’t be truer. If your company is like most companies, you are constantly communicating all day through emails, conference calls, meetings, you name it. If your company has yet to embrace all the benefits of videoconferencing, now is the time. Here are the top 3 reasons to start videoconferencing today and streamline your business.

1)Videoconferencing Puts Your Whole Team In One Room

Many businesses today have teams across the country and struggle with maximizing communication. With videoconferencing, you have the benefit of face-to-face conversations without the high cost of traveling to each location. Be on the opposite coast in just seconds with today’s best technology. Eliminate distance and bring your whole team together on one screen.

2)Videoconferencing Is More Engaging and Efficient

Having a conversation face-to-face requires a higher level of attention and requires your team to be completely engaged. You can guarantee you have their full attention and no possibility of zooming out or side tasking during a conference call. This is great not only for your team, but with current and potential clients. Be able to make eye contact while discussing business to get a better sense of their needs. Never again worry about out of sight, out of mind. With videoconferencing, you can see the truth.

3)Videoconferencing Saves Time And Money

There are many ways that videoconferencing can add to your bottom line. One obvious way is the ability to minimize or possibly even eliminate corporate travel. Companies travel to their locations to keep an eye on things and maintain their relationship. With regular videoconferences, you can stay connected and engaged with your entire team.

Additionally, think about how much time is wasted on a long email chain between multiple colleagues trying to answer one question. With a quick videoconference, you can answer your questions in seconds and clear up your inbox. Don’t waste any more time for you and your team responding to time consuming emails that could best be handled on a quick 5-minute call.

So, the next time you are trying to book travel to see your team or find yourself spending an hour trying to answer one question through email, ask yourself, is it time we embrace videoconferencing? Don’t waste anymore of your precious time or money, embrace it today!

May 4th 2018

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