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We sell and support video and audio conferencing equipment and service.  Our goal is to help you determine exactly what you need, and to provide it when you need it.  If you would like to speak with a knowledgeable consultant, please call 877-900-9926.

VideoLink® was established in 1999 as a company dedicated to providing complete conferencing solutions.  Our industry certified team of experts will help you design a solution to meet your unique needs.  Our focus is the conference room and everything required to make it work.  We use only gold-standard products to ensure reliability and longevity.

With VideoLink® you can expect innovative solutions that drastically improve your internal communications while significantly lowering your cost of ownership. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado with offices nationwide, VideoLink® provides remote and on-site installation and support, network video systems integration solutions, and technology training for US based companies.  VideoLink® customers include Fortune 500 companies, Health care, Department of Defense, and First Responders.


More than any space in your company, the boardroom is a place that reflects the values and ideals of your company. Your electronic communication solution should do the same.  Most importantly, your boardroom should work flawlessly every time.  Time lost on getting a computer to display on the projector costs you money and detracts from the discussion.   VideoLink can help you design a new boardroom or seamlessly upgrade a current one.  We use only gold-standard products to ensure reliability and functionality.  Our team will provide a value engineered solution that doesn't cut corners.  Focus on communication instead of learning to use equipment.

Meeting Room

High-Definition quality videoconferencing is now at a price that makes sense for company wide deployment.  Every conference room should have an HD videoconferencing system.  For the price of 3 plane tickets, 3 hotel rooms, 3 rental cars, and meals for 3 trips (or less), you can add a professional videoconferencing system to an existing conference room.  You probably already have a 90" display or projector in the conference room anyway.  If you don't, we can help.  Travel is expensive.  Travel is draining.  Our customers have learned that the small details get worked out more efficiently over video.  Use travel time for team building and selling.  Save sleep, headaches and lost time by looking someone in the eyes from the comfort of your own office.

Mobile Users

Do you have Starbucks road warriors?  Do your best employees have families?  Today's workforce works everywhere.  You probably don't have to wonder if your telephone conference call participants are giving you their full attention.  The clack clack of a keyboard while you are talking tells you they are checking their email and posting their facebook status during the meeting.   True, multitasking is commonplace now, however, your time is important.  High quality videoconferencing ensures full participation.  How can you engage your workers?  Skype is great for talking to the kids, but when the small image shows up on a big TV monitor, it looks horrible.  VideoLink provides true enterprise videoconferencing solutions for mobile workers.  Full HD video from iPads, tablets, laptops, and macs that navigates firewalls and connects with your conference room is now possible.  Keep your mobile workers engaged and productive with our mobile solutions.

Record and stream your meetings

How do you reach everyone in person when you can't be there in person?  Record your message. Include computer presentations.  Allow your employees or customers to see your message at their convenience.  VideoLink recording and streaming solutions integrate directly with your videoconferencing solutions.  Press a button to record and send a link to the presentation.  It is that simple.  Respect your time.  Respect your employees time and ask about our fantastic recording solutions.