Elevate Your Meeting Experience with Huddly's Innovative Camera Solutions

Welcome to the dynamic world of Huddly, where cutting-edge technology meets practical design to revolutionize your video conferencing experience.

Versatile and Future-Proof Cameras for Every Space

  • Range of Solutions: Huddly offers a diverse lineup of cameras suitable for various environments. From the Huddly L1, S1, and IQ for meeting rooms to Canvas for whiteboard collaboration and ONE for home offices, there's a perfect fit for any setting.
  • Flexibility Across Settings: These compact, adaptable cameras are designed to cater to changing needs and preferences, ensuring you can use the same high-quality hardware in different scenarios.

Advanced Technology and AI-Driven User Experience

  • Software-Defined Innovation: At the heart of Huddly's offerings is the commitment to continuous technological advancement. Their software-defined cameras evolve over time, enhancing their capabilities without the need for hardware replacement.
  • AI-Powered Features: Huddly IQ, for instance, stands out with its AI-driven functionalities. It offers a 150° wide-angle lens, embedded microphone array, automated AI features, and Huddly InSights analytics API, making meetings more inclusive and effective.

High-Quality Design and Sustainable Approach

  • Durability and Quality: Huddly cameras are built with premium components, featuring an aluminum housing for longevity and stability. They deliver exceptional performance year after year, even in rigorous use environments.
  • Sustainability and Waste Reduction: By maximizing hardware investments and evolving through software updates, Huddly contributes to a greener future, reducing electronic waste.

Strategic Partnerships and Global Availability

  • Integration with Mersive Solstice: Huddly has partnered with Mersive Technologies, integrating its cameras with the Solstice platform. This collaboration offers smarter hybrid meeting solutions, combining Huddly's intelligent camera features with Mersive's touchless Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) room system.
  • Global Access through AV/IT Dealers: Huddly products are available worldwide through various technology dealers and integrators, ensuring easy access and integration into your existing systems.

Award-Winning Design and Reliable Support

  • Recognized Excellence: Huddly's commitment to quality and innovation has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award.
  • Extended Warranty and Support: All Huddly cameras come with an extended three-year warranty, backed by a team of industry-leading professionals in various fields.

Transform your meeting spaces with Huddly's smart, flexible camera solutions, designed for today's hybrid work environment and the future of collaboration.