Elevate Your Meetings with Lifesize's Advanced Video Conferencing Solutions

Welcome to the future of business communication with Lifesize, a leader in high-definition video conferencing. Lifesize offers an array of products designed to enhance collaboration and connectivity in the modern hybrid work environment.

Innovative Video Conferencing Solutions:

  • Icon Series: The Lifesize Icon series revolutionizes the meeting room experience with 4K video conferencing hardware, delivering unmatched video and audio quality. This series includes the Icon 300, 500, and 700 models, each tailored for different room sizes and meeting needs.
  • Connect Plus+: Lifesize's Connect Plus+ enables seamless integration with any video conferencing service. This feature allows for intuitive interface usage, supports single and dual displays, and offers centralized remote management without hidden costs.
  • Multi-Application Room Solution (MARS): MARS enhances room equipment interoperability, allowing for easy access to business core apps and seamless transition between different meeting solutions.

Cloud Video Conferencing:

  • Lifesize Cloud: This service provides HD and 4K video connections, trusted and secure infrastructure, and the capability to live stream to up to 10,000 viewers, all customizable to your brand.
  • CxConcierge: Combining video conferencing and omnichannel contact center technologies, CxConcierge delivers interactive engagement for improved customer service and operational efficiency.

Why Choose Lifesize:

  • Unified Room Experience: Lifesize offers smart devices for smart collaboration, combining innovative hardware with their award-winning cloud-based app for a unified meeting experience.
  • Customizable and Scalable: The platform is highly customizable, allowing businesses to stretch their investment in hybrid work technology with multi-application meeting room systems.
  • Reliability and Support: Lifesize is recognized for its premium quality, offering interoperability with any video conferencing service at no extra cost, backed by an industry-leading warranty and 24/7 support.

Lifesize's suite of products caters to the evolving demands of the modern workplace, delivering solutions that are both powerful and user-friendly. Whether enhancing the Microsoft Teams meeting experience or facilitating seamless hybrid meetings, Lifesize provides the tools necessary for effective and efficient communication in any business setting.