Elevate Your A/V Experience with Lumens' Advanced Solutions

Discover Lumens' innovative range of Pro AV products, designed to cater to diverse A/V needs in corporate, educational, medical, broadcasting, and governmental sectors. Lumens stands out in the Pro AV industry for their cutting-edge technology and user-friendly designs.

Key Product Offerings:

  • Auto-Tracking Cameras: Lumens offers a series of advanced auto-tracking PTZ cameras, including models like VC-TR60 Dante AV-H, VC-TA50, VC-TR40N, and more. These cameras are ideal for dynamic recording environments, offering long-range auto-tracking capabilities.
  • PTZ Cameras: The PTZ camera series, featuring models like VC-A71P, VC-A61P, and VC-A51P, provide high-quality video capture with pan-tilt-zoom functionality, suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • NDI Cameras: Lumens' NDI cameras, such as VC-A71P-HN and VC-A71SN, offer network device interface support for efficient video production and streaming.
  • Camera Controllers: With products like VS-KB30 and VS-KB21N, Lumens provides intuitive and precise control over camera operations, enhancing the user experience in managing video content.
  • Video Conference Cameras: Models like MS-10S and VC-B30U are designed for superior video conferencing, ensuring clear and professional communication.
  • Document Cameras: Lumens' Ladibug document cameras, including models like DC-F80 and DC193, are perfect for educational and corporate settings, offering high-quality document and object imaging.
  • Media Processors: CaptureVision media processors like LC200 and LC100 enable efficient management and processing of A/V content, ideal for live streaming and recording.
  • AV over IP Solutions: Lumens' AVoIP products, such as OIP-D50E and OIP-D40E, provide robust AV over IP solutions, integrating seamlessly into existing networks.

Technological Excellence:

  • Integration with Audinate Dante AV-H: Lumens supports Dante AV-H technology, ensuring interoperability in AV-over-IP products and offering high-quality video and crystal-clear audio solutions.
  • Customizable Solutions: Catering to various markets, Lumens' products can be tailored to specific needs, whether it's for a house of worship, a medical facility, or an educational institution.

Lumens continually innovates in the Pro AV industry, offering products that combine performance, ease of use, and versatility. Whether for broadcasting, video conferencing, or educational purposes, Lumens provides solutions that enhance the A/V experience in any professional setting.