Transform Your A/V Experience with Lumens' Innovative Solutions

Welcome to Lumens, a brand celebrated for its 25 years of excellence in optical technology and professional A/V solutions. Lumens offers a wide range of products designed for diverse environments, including meeting spaces, live events, classrooms, conference rooms, and distance learning environments.

Advanced Product Range:

  • Auto-Tracking Cameras: Lumens' auto-tracking cameras, like the VC-TR60 and VC-TA50, offer intelligent tracking technology, perfect for capturing dynamic presentations and events.
  • PTZ Cameras: The PTZ Camera series, including the VC-A71P and VC-A51P models, provide high-quality video capturing capabilities with smooth pan, tilt, and zoom features.
  • NDI Cameras: These cameras, such as the VC-A71P-HN, integrate with NDI technology, ensuring high-quality video transmission over IP networks.

Innovative Lecture Capture Device - Lumens LC200:

  • The LC200 is a versatile lecture capture device that supports video recording, switching, mixing, and live streaming, making it ideal for educational settings, courtrooms, and council chambers.
  • Key Features: It supports 1080p 60/30fps video recording, 4 HDMI inputs, IP video sources, and has built-in 1TB HDD storage for extensive recording capabilities.
  • Versatility: The device offers flexible scaling, window processing, and can stream on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Robust Technology:

  • AI-Driven Features: Lumens incorporates AI-driven features to enhance the A/V and unified communications user experience.
  • Industry Standards Compatibility: Lumens actively contributes to industry standards such as NDI, Dante AV-H, SRT, and IPMX, ensuring its products are at the forefront of technological advancements.

Lumens' dedication to innovation and excellence makes it an ideal choice for your A/V needs. Whether you are looking to enhance a classroom, conference room, or any other professional environment, Lumens provides the technological solutions to meet your requirements.