ClearOne is a global market leader renowned for its conferencing, collaboration, and network streaming solutions. Their product range is designed to provide an unparalleled user experience, offering high levels of functionality, reliability, and scalability.

  1. Professional Cameras and Conferencing Equipment: ClearOne offers a range of professional-grade cameras like the UNITE® series, including the UNITE® 50 4K ePTZ and UNITE® 150 PTZ cameras. These cameras are known for their high-quality video output, making them ideal for professional conferencing and streaming applications.

  2. Collaboration Tools: Their COLLABORATE® Space is an award-winning team collaboration tool that enhances efficiency in completing topic or project-based work. It offers a comprehensive set of collaboration tools, making it easier for teams to communicate and collaborate effectively.

  3. Audio Conferencing Solutions: ClearOne's audio conferencing solutions include advanced DSP mixers, professional microphones, and amplifiers, all designed to provide clear and reliable audio performance. Their products are suitable for various applications, from small meeting rooms to large conference halls.

  4. Network Media Streaming and AV Networking: The company provides solutions for network media streaming and AV networking, ensuring high-quality audio and video distribution across different platforms and devices. This includes products for sound reinforcement and audio distribution, catering to a range of professional AV needs.

  5. Cloud Collaboration Software: ClearOne also offers cloud collaboration software, allowing users to collaborate effectively regardless of their location. This software is designed to facilitate seamless communication and cooperation among team members in a remote or hybrid work environment.

  6. Awards and Recognitions: ClearOne has been recognized for its innovative products, receiving high praise from industry-leading tech media. Their products, such as the BMA 360 Beamforming Microphone Ceiling Tile, have received awards like the Sound & Video Contractor magazine 2020 Innovation Product Award, highlighting their commitment to innovation and quality.

ClearOne’s products are praised for their functionality and the value they provide in professional and consumer settings, particularly in today's hybrid work and learning environments. Their solutions are tailored to meet the rugged demands of these settings, offering both professionals and consumers durable and high-quality conferencing and collaboration options.