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Revolutionizing Business Communication

Welcome to the advanced world of Yamaha UC, where audio and video conferencing technology coalesce to redefine the art of communication in business. Our selection of Yamaha UC products is designed to cater to the diverse needs of the modern B2B commercial A/V market, delivering unparalleled audio quality, flexibility, and ease of connectivity.

Key Product Categories

  1. ADECIA Conference Solutions:

    • Ceiling and Tabletop Solutions: Offering a range of microphone and speaker systems that adapt to your room's acoustics, ensuring clear and natural communication.
    • Wireless Flexibility: Choose between gooseneck and boundary microphones to best suit your conferencing space, regardless of layout changes.
  2. Yamaha Speakerphones:

    • Superior Audio Performance: Designed for conversations that matter, these speakerphones blend exceptional audio quality with an elegant design.
  3. Video Collaboration Systems:

    • Seamless Integration: Industry-leading audio and video conferencing technology, providing an effortless remote collaboration experience.
  4. Microphone Systems:

    • Clear, High-Quality Sound: Engineered with cutting-edge speech technology for superior clarity in business communication.
  5. Remote Conference Processors:

    • Optimized Acoustics: Tailoring room acoustics with digital signal processing (DSP) for natural remote collaboration.
  6. Enterprise-Grade Speakers and Accessories:

    • Immersive Experience: Crafted to create an engaging atmosphere for business communications.

Unique Selling Points

  • Interoperability with Room Control Systems: Yamaha UC's solutions like the CS-700 Video Sound Bar are known for their compatibility with leading room control systems, such as Crestron, enhancing integration and user experience.

  • Certifications and Accolades: Products like the ADECIA Ceiling Solution are certified for Cisco Collaboration Devices, showcasing their reliability and quality in professional settings.

  • Innovative Technologies: Adaptive echo cancellation and human voice activity detection ensure minimal background noise and fluid conversations.

  • Customizable Audio Coverage: Systems like the YVC-1000 allow daisy-chaining of up to five microphones, offering tailored audio pick-up for various room sizes and shapes.

Why Choose Yamaha UC?

Streamlined Collaboration: Transform your business communication with solutions that promote open sharing and creative collaboration.

Customizable and Flexible: Adaptable to any room environment, Yamaha UC products ensure a seamless conferencing experience, regardless of layout.

Simplicity and Efficiency: With a focus on ease of use and high-quality performance, these solutions are designed to boost productivity and enhance user experience.