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  • Dolby Voice Conference Phone
  • Dolby Voice Conference Phone
  • Dolby Voice Conference Phone
  • Dolby Voice Conference Phone
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Dolby Voice makes conferencing exceptionally clear, natural, and productive by delivering an in person experience with stunning audio quality. You can access this improved experience from anywhere - desktop PC, mobile phone, and in a meeting room via the Dolby Conference Phone. The Dolby Conference Phone brings everyone into the room. An innovative and integral part of the Dolby Voice system, it is the only phone that can extend the full Dolby Voice experience and productivity benefits to meeting rooms. It helps you get the most from your Dolby Voice enabled conferencing service.

Brings Everyone into the Room

The Dolby Conference Phone is an integral component of the Dolby Voice conferencing solution. It lets everyone on the call hear clearly and feel like a part of the in-room conversation. Participation increases, and so does productivity

The Dolby Conference Phone delivers the best audio quality and experience on the market. Connect the Dolby Conference Phone to a Dolby Voice enabled service provider to enable your business to hold meetings and conversations like never before.

Stunningly Clear Audio

Dolby expertise delivers exceptional voice clarity and detail while suppressing distracting noise. As a result, all meeting participants—in the room and remotely—will more easily hear and understand one another.

  • End-to-End HD audio helps words come through clearly while carrying lifelike richness and nuance.
  • Dolby noise reduction makes conversations distraction-free by suppressing unwanted ambient sounds such as background conversations or street noise.

Natural Conversation

Dolby Voice builds on clarity of sound with capabilities that help the conversation flow more like it does in face-to-face meetings. The result is an easier speaking and listening experience that encourages better participation and exchange of ideas.

  • Spatial voice separation makes it easier to know who’s speaking and to follow the conversation as it moves among speakers, by presenting each person’s voice from a distinct virtual location.
  • Full-room voice capture on the Dolby Conference Phone picks up even quiet voices, from anywhere in the room, with 360-degree and long-range coverage.
  • Unlimited participation improves engagement by allowing all voices to be heard—not just the loudest—while equalizing their volume, so participants can comfortably listen and easily interact.
  • Simultaneous speech supports a natural cadence of conversation by enabling participants to speak (and hear) at the same time while also minimizing sound delay.

Anywhere Access

Whether you join from the meeting room, your desktop, or your mobile phone, you get the full benefits of Dolby Voice.

  • Multidevice solution Dolby Voice offers full capabilities from a PC or Mac®, an iPhone® or Android™ mobile app, and the Dolby Conference Phone.
  • The Dolby Conference Phone delivers the full Dolby Voice experience—to and from the meeting room—via stunning audio quality, full-room voice capture, and spatial voice separation.


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