Dolby Voice Room Pro

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  • Dolby Voice Room Pro
  • Dolby Voice Room Pro
  • Dolby Voice Room Pro
  • Dolby Voice Room Pro
  • Dolby Voice Room Pro
  • Dolby Voice Room Pro
  • Dolby Voice Room Pro
  • Dolby Voice Room Pro
  • Dolby Voice Room Pro
  • Dolby Voice Room Pro
  • Dolby Voice Room Pro
  • Dolby Voice Room Pro
  • Dolby Voice Room Pro
  • Dolby Voice Room Pro
  • Dolby Voice Room Pro
  • Dolby Voice Room Pro
  • Dolby Voice Room Pro
  • Dolby Voice Room Pro


Pro, Developed for the boardroom

The most powerful product in the Rooms with Dolby Voice® portfolio, Pro features a high-end dual-sensor camera with 12x optical zoom that seamlessly frames conversations across larger distances, combining with the best-in-class audio performance of the Dolby phone and hub to extend the room coverage to 30 feet.

Co-developed with leading service providers, Pro reimagines the video meeting experience in larger rooms with a unique approach that delivers natural and more productive meetings for all participants.

Fully featured meeting experiences


With 12x optical zoom, Wide Dynamic Range video mapping and near-silent PTZ


Captures and maps voices to create the feeling of meeting in person


Automatically and discreetly frames conversations — not just talking heads — for immersive discussion


Captures near and distant voices, as well as overlapping speech, so the conversation is heard as intended


Share and present from the whiteboard with a tap to correct and enhance the image for remote viewers


Boost quiet voices while distinguishing speech from noise to make all voices clear at a consistent volume


Supports HDMI input or wireless sharing from partner apps

Pro is ready for your larger spaces with powerful, high-end optics and expansive audio coverage. Install in minutes with included mounts or standard supports and placements.

  1. Hub processes all video while powering advanced imaging features.
  2. Phone captures and outputs audio with touch meeting controls built-in.
  3. Camera Pro's advanced optics keep everyone in view, with support for inverted mounting.
  4. Optional Satellite Mic kit extends Phone's coverage up to 30 feet.


Dolby Voice Camera Pro

Image sensor: 1/ 2.8 in HD CMOS Sensor, 2.07 megapixel
Maximum horizontal view angle: 72.5°
Lens: Auto/manual focus
Zoom: 12x optical zoom
Iris: F1.8 to F2.4
Output format: YUV422
Connectivity: 2 x USB 3.0
Pan parameters: -170°˜ +170°
Tilt parameters: -30° ˜+90°
WDR video mapping
Intelligent scene framing
Whiteboard mode


Output resolution: 1080p
Frame rate: up to 60 fps
Codecs: H.264 Baseline and High Profile, VP8

Dolby Conference Phone

Operating Modes: Dolby Voice, IP phone
Service Provider Integration: IP connection and preconfigured access to Dolby Voice enabled conferencing services
Touch screen management:
One-touch meeting start with Bluetooth Lowe Energy (BLE) connection on supported partner apps
Viewable roster of meeting attendees and active speaker, add/remove participants
Contact directory with one-touch dialing
Mute/unmute, three-way conferencing, conferencing join/split/hold/resume, call waiting, call history 


Features: Full duplex, noise suppression, acoustic echo cancellation, voice placement
Codecs: DVC-2/G.711a/G.711u/G.722/G.729ab/Opus
Audio range: Wideband HD, 160Hz-8kHz
Microphone range: 6.1m (20ft)
Peak volume: 88 db APL T ½ meter (1.6 ft)

Dolby Voice Hub

OS: Linux
Monitor support: Dual (x2) display out ports
Content sharing: Display in port-local/ broadcast and wireless sharing through partner apps
USB: USB 3.0 host ports (x3), USB 3.0 port
Network: 10/100/1000 mbs (RJ-45) network interface

Network Provisioning

IP address configuration: TCP/IP (IPv4), DHCP/ static IP
Web: HTTP/HTTPS web server, web proxy auto-detection and proxy auto-configuration
Support: WebRTC
Time and date synchronization: SNTP
VLAN support: Dolby Voice and IP telephone calls on separate voice and data VLANs
QoS support: IEEE 802.1p/Q tagging (VLAN), Layer 3 TOS and DSCP

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