Lifesize Device Software Subscription

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Lifesize Device Software Subscription Overview

We’ve all looked for that awesome service — the one that checks all the boxes and actually delivers something worthwhile, not just something once in a while. That’s our new Device Software Subscription for Lifesize® Icon™ and 220™ conference room systems. Not only do you get the hardware support and warranty you need, you get the collaboration features you desire. This is the best of both (hardware and software) worlds, really.

Help Desk Support

Dedicated Support by Trained Lifesize Customer Success Advocates

Your Device Software Subscription provides you direct access to our award-winning Lifesize Customer Success and Support professionals via phone, live chat, email, web and our Lifesize Community. Our Support team is trained and certified on all Lifesize products and will deliver personalized results until your incident is resolved. Knowing we’ve got you covered, you can focus on more important (fun!) work.

Hardware Advanced Replacement

Rapid Product Replacements

We understand how quickly downtime can impact an organization — that’s why we’ll expedite shipment of a product replacement should you need it.


Automatic Software Updates

Peace of Mind with Essential Updates

A current Device Software Subscription gives you complete access to the latest software updates and enhancements, all done automagically when connected to your Lifesize account. This automatic update ensures that your Lifesize conference room systems are always up to date and performing optimally and securely — as simple as set it and forget it!

Connected Conference Room Experience

Smarter Devices for Smarter Collaboration

With a Device Software Subscription, you can easily pair your conference room system to our Lifesize cloud-based service to experience a whole new level of connectivity. These are smart devices whose entire goal in life is to deliver smarter collaboration. By connecting them to your Lifesize account, you can take advantage of their potential and turn your meeting room into a smart collaboration hub. Specifically, DSS offers you:

Centralized device management – Manage your conference room systems, update and maintain your directory, run reports, customize features and do more all from one, centralized place.

System and status reporting – Track usage and performance of your conference room systems and get insightful data like the number of calls, minutes, users and average call time for your organization.

Real-time alerts and health monitoring – Know immediately when something’s amiss with your Lifesize Icons via automatic email alerts. (Imagine knowing if something is unplugged before your CEO starts a call!)

Customization of the Lifesize® Phone™ HD – Customize the Phone HD home screen buttons and time zones to make connecting as easy as possible for your organization’s unique needs.

Presence-enabled directory – Simplify dialing with a prepopulated, search-based directory that indicates which conference room systems are available. No long dial strings — just call, connect and collaborate.

Automatic directory synchronization – Make a change in your directory and have it automatically appear and sync across all your connected conference room systems, saving you time (and lots of walking from room to room).

Calendar integration – Sync your calendar with your Lifesize® Icon™ room system to see a list of upcoming meetings and easily join a meeting directly from your Lifesize device.

Click-to-call dialing – Start a call with the touch of a button. Seriously, it’s that easy.

Guest calling – Invite your customers, partners and anyone else inside or outside of your organization to connect over video directly from their web browser or one of the many interoperable third-party devices or apps.

NAT/Firewall traversal – Maintain a secure perimeter and keep your Lifesize conference room systems safely behind your firewall while we manage firewall traversal through our global calling nodes.

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