Infrared Multi-Touch Overlay accessory for the V323 large-screen display

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Transform your existing V323 large-screen display into an interactive touch screen! While adding minimal depth, the OL-V323 adds protective glass and multi-touch functionality to the already high-performance of the V323 commercial-grade display. This overlay solution is HID compliant with a majority of operating systems so loading extra drivers is unnecessary. A unique design that allows for swipe in and out functionality with Windows 8 makes this overlay solution future-proof with the newest compatibility for operating systems. With the addition of this IR-touch overlay, end-users can experience up to 10 simultaneous points of touch – perfect but not limited to the educational, retail and corporate markets.

  • Up to 10 simultaneous points of IR multi-touch
  • Windows 8 Swipe Zone
  • Tempered Protective Glass
  • Easy Integration
  • Sturdy Steel Chassis

Works With

  • V323
  • V323-2
  • V323-2-DRD
  • V323-2-PC2
  • V323-2-R
  • V323-3
  • V323-AVT
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