Product Spotlight: Elite LARGE Boardroom COMPLETE SOLUTION

Product Spotlight: Elite LARGE Boardroom COMPLETE SOLUTION

Redefining Large Boardroom Dynamics

Transform your large boardroom into a beacon of advanced communication with the Elite LARGE Boardroom COMPLETE SOLUTION - Poly G7500 & E70. This comprehensive solution is designed to integrate seamlessly, providing an unparalleled audio-visual experience with the inclusion of dual cameras, two ceiling microphones, networked loudspeakers, and a commanding 90" 4K UHD display.

Core Features: Elevating Communication to an Art Form

  • Dual Ultra-High-Definition Cameras: Two Poly Studio E70 Smart Cameras ensure complete room coverage with intelligent framing and tracking, making remote participation as engaging as being there in person.
  • Superior Sound Clarity: Leveraging two Shure MXA920 In-Ceiling Microphones and Shure MXN5W-C Networked Loudspeakers, the system captures and delivers crystal-clear audio, ensuring every voice is heard.
  • Effortless Control: The Poly TC10 Tablet Control Panel streamlines meeting management, providing intuitive access to controls and content sharing.
  • Impressive Visual Display: A 90" LED 4K UHD TV transforms presentations into immersive experiences, ideal for large boardroom settings.
  • Professional Integration: Benefit from VideoLink's expert installation service, ensuring your new system is up and running smoothly with no hidden fees.

Unique Proposition: Tailored for Excellence

Our approach goes beyond mere installation. With the Elite LARGE Boardroom COMPLETE SOLUTION, you receive personalized service from the outset. A dedicated account manager ensures that every aspect of your boardroom's upgrade aligns with your specific requirements, offering customized solutions to meet your every need.

Consideration: A New Standard for Large-Scale Collaboration

Designed for large enterprises and organizations, this solution redefines what's possible in boardroom communication. It's ideal for those who envision their meetings as a nexus of clarity, engagement, and sophistication, facilitated by the latest in conferencing technology.

Conclusion: Your Boardroom, Transformed

Investing in the Elite LARGE Boardroom COMPLETE SOLUTION means not just upgrading your technology, but revolutionizing the way your organization communicates. It's an investment in clarity, engagement, and efficiency, ensuring that your large boardroom sets the standard for high-level collaboration and decision-making.

Ready to elevate your meeting space to unparalleled heights of clarity and collaboration? Contact us now and/or request a quote to bring the future of communication into your boardroom today. Explore the complete details of our solution and see how it can transform your space—click here to view this product and start your journey.

Apr 2nd 2024

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