Case Study: Gorgeous Mountain Town Chambers Receives Significant Upgrade

Case Study: Gorgeous Mountain Town Chambers Receives Significant Upgrade

The town of Estes Park, Colorado is home to 6,000 residents, and 3.1 million annual visitors. Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, this small mountain town is absolutely gorgeous to visit!

Even though there are only a few full-time residents, each decision made by the Town Board has large ramifications for the 3.1 million annual tourists eagerly waiting to visit. Without proper officiation, complaints and consequences could stack up a mile high!

When the Town of Estes Park came to VideoLink, we leveraged our expertise and comprehensive suite of public sector officiation tools. Here were some of the issues that Town of Estes Park was facing:

  1. Nameplate brackets were in disrepair and there was no ability to manufacture new ones
  2. Collecting and recording votes were out of date and relied on paper methods
  3. Meeting minutes were time consuming, relying upon someone typing general summaries
  4. Hearing the board members became difficult and spotty due to an aging analog audio system
  5. Documents and other public-facing content could not be viewed easily by everyone

The end result was utilizing Shure for audio, and VideoLink Officiation Hardware for officiation. Here's what VideoLink installed:

  • New, digital, DANTE based ceiling speakers and gooseneck microphones for crisp audio with few moving parts which enables little to no down time and ease of use for Town of Estes Park staff
  • A projector screen behind board members as well as audience monitors so the public can see all material as well as universal inputs for guest speakers and board members to display content
  • E-ink name plates for all board members and possible guest speakers allowing for names, titles, and organization designations to be adjusted in real-time
  • A voting system for all board members with front-end control panel which allows voters to vote on issues with the public being able to view results in real-time.
  • Several cameras and video streaming infrastructure as well as a back-end control panel in order to stream and record all proceedings on YouTube or to public archives

All these above improvements, along with thoughtful care for Town of Estes Park's needs meant we were able to achieve the following solution:

  1. New e-ink nameplates make switching board members and visiting guests feel right at home
  2. VideoLink's voting system and monitors makes accountability a breeze and confusion non-existent
  3. All meeting minutes are recorded in high-fidelity with instant transcription
  4. A wonderful sound system and gorgeous acoustics allows everyone to be in the room where it happens
  5. All meetings are now always viewable on YouTube and available in the public archive for instant call-back

The Town of Estes Park has been completely transformed with the best officiating tools available, but we're not stopping there! Are you a small town or city government who utilizes name plates, voting, and/or requires accountability?

Big or small, contact VideoLink for your free consultation, today!

Sep 1st 2022 Christopher Eckerdt

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