How Much Does a Video Conference Room Cost?

How Much Does a Video Conference Room Cost?

Have you ever wondered: How much does it cost to build a conference room? How much does a video conference room cost? How much does a boardroom cost? How much can I expect to spend for a training room? What kind of budget do I need for a huddle room? Or, How much does it cost to outfit a video conference room?

Have you ever asked: I want video conferencing in my executive office?  What kind of equipment will I need for my boardroom, training room, or divisible auditorium?

This article will serve to demystify what you should expect to spend on video conferencing for the size of your room.

Conference rooms are highly customizable turn-key solutions; this means there are endless combinations (and price points!) when designing a room, but there are averages that can be calculated.

What goes into a video conference room? A video conference room requires 8 items to function fully:

  1. A computer “brain” to run everything
  2. Audio input(s) - microphones
  3. Audio output(s) - speakers
  4. Video input(s) - cameras
  5. Video output(s) - monitors or TVs
  6. A way to control - for navigating the video conferencing interface
  7. A physical form - something to hold it in place
  8. Miscellaneous items - ranges from small nuts and bolts to control systems programming

Room price will depend on size and technology, and there are 3 different broad category sizes of rooms: small, medium, and large.  A small room is 10'x10' or smaller, a medium room is 20'x20' to 30'x30', and a large-sized room will larger than 30'x30' and closer to 50'x50'.

The average price for a small video conference room is around $85 per square foot, or $8,500.  For possible examples, please see our preconfigured packages here and here.

The average price for a medium video conference room is around $30 per square foot; $12,000 for a 20'x20' sized room and $27,000 for a 30'x30' sized room.  Possible examples include packages located herehere and here.

The average price for a large video conference room (such as a divisible auditorium) is around $67 per square foot or $165,000.  These projects are usually extremely custom, tailor-suited to the unique uses, shapes, and sizes of the rooms.  Possible examples include something like this.

In summary, the demystification of the cost of a conference room is possible, but by no means set in stone.  The most affordable options may even be able to dip down to around $4,000 and rise to well above $100,000.  For a quote or FREE EXPERT ADVICE on what you should do to properly outfit your meeting space, please contact us or request a quote.  We can't wait to speak with you!

Aug 25th 2022 Christopher Eckerdt

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